Powerful, useful, and a little awesome.

No installs

Web Speed Ledger extends Google Analytics to measure load times from the user's computer. Since most businesses already use GA, there's normally no code to install. Just turn the power on.

Measure real users

Each website's customers react differently to speed. People even change behavior on different pages across your site. Webspeed Ledger measures real users across the site to build a robust statistical model.

Financial numbers

WSL converts technical webspeed concepts into hard financial numbers. Set budgets for speedwork projects, choose how far to push the needle, and align goals across your entire team.

Focus speedwork

Some web pages have a larger speed payoff than others. We model each page at current speed vs. twice as fast. The pages that profit most from speeding up are ranked first, so work is prioritized in order.

Monitor changes

Load times grow over time unless carefully maintained. Automated monitoring helps prevent the natural tendency towards bloat. Plus, a good baseline lets your developers celebrate their webspeed progress.

Business language

Web Speed Ledger is designed to be business-friendly, but also contains the details your technology team needs. We present data with clear graphics and explanations in plain business language.